Zalman Silber
Zalman Silber, Business Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Whenever Zalman Silber gets hold of an idea, concept or cause, one thing remains certain: he will give it the high passion, full attention and steadfast support that has long been his calling card.

As a businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Zalman’s interests run the gamut from high-stakes, high-powered tech business ventures to causes so personal and close to home as helping needy local communities and Israeli children and their families.


As a champion of high finance, a philanthropist with a big heart and intense drive, and an individual who will never close the book on learning, Zalman continues to make his own mark in the directly opposite worlds of business and human interest.

On this site, you will find a wide variety of Zalman’s greatest hits in terms of his ever-growing business and philanthropic success.