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Zalman Silber began his professional career as an agent for New York Life Insurance. Several years later, he had developed a nearly $9-million entertainment business which sprang from one simple idea - a simulated helicopter tour of New York City that was located in the Empire State Building.

As a businessman and entrepreneur, Zalman has been very successful in a variety of areas, including finance/capital markets, virtual tourism, business development, and other business types, all built with a unique ability to provide specialized services to a smartly targeted audience.

Whether it is as a former MVP policy salesman for New York Life, the creator of Skyline Multimedia Entertainment, or CEO of American Heritage Holdings, International Commerce Exchange System – ICES, and XS New York, Zalman has proven his tenacity and amazing business acumen in many more ways than one.

Zalman has already amassed an impressive array of business successes, both as an MVP salesman at a leading insurance firm and as a self-made business entrepreneur. What follows below is a listing of his past and current business properties.

New York Life - From 1987 to 1991, Zalman Silber got his foothold in the business world by establishing himself as a star salesman for New York Life, the country’s leading mutual life insurance provider.

Skyline Multimedia Entertainment - This company has established a firm foothold in the virtual attraction and gaming industries, with such properties as New York SkyRide, XS New York, and a variety of successful tourist attractions within Australia’s Sydney and Eureka Towers.

New York SkyRide - The original and only virtual tour simulator in the city, New York SkyRide takes you on an aerial NYC tour ‘lifting off’ from atop the Empire State Building Observatory while never leaving the second floor of the building. Through the magic of flight simulation, guests “fly over” over 30 famous New York sights for without ever leaving the building.

The Eureka Tower - Australia’s amazing Eureka Tower is the home of Skyline Multimedia Entertainment’s two amazing virtual tour attractions, Oztrek (formerly called SkyTour) and the Edge.

- The largest simulated ride in the southern hemisphere and the only one of its kind in Australia. OzTrek takes you on an amazing virtual adventure across Australia’s cultural history and geography, where diverse Australian landscapes are brought to life with a unique integration of 3D holographic technology, animated models and scenic art.

The Edge - At the very top of the Eureka Tower is Zalman Silber’s company’s thrilling attraction, aptly named The Edge. It is a glass cube that projects three meters out from the building, leaving all occupants suspended almost 300 meters above the ground.

The Sydney Tower - Sydney’s tallest structure, is also one of its most prominent landmarks, and serves as a communications tower and tourist facility. Each year, more than a million visitors enjoy the spectacular views over Sydney. Both OzTrek and Skywalk are popular attractions on the tower’s upper floors.

Skywalk - Skywalk is a unique high-altitude adventure on top of Sydney Tower. At 260 meters above Sydney, experience an exhilarating outdoor walk on the roof of the city. Skywalk is a 45-minute adventure, running approximately every 45 minutes- no bookings required.

International Commerce Exchange System – ICES - Established in 1996, ICES is a targeted marketing company that uses technology -- including the Internet, fax and email -- to link its members worldwide to buy and sell merchandise, and establish business relationships with partners anywhere in the world.

XS New York - Back in the mid 1990’s, Zalman Silber’s wide-ranging media company, Skyline Multimedia Entertainment, Inc. created XS New York, considered to be “the world’s most comprehensive interactive Virtual game arena.

American Heritage Holdings - American Heritage Holdings is one of Zalman’s business properties currently operating to maximum capacity. The firm is in the business of managing money for a large group of institutional clients, along with high net-worth individuals.

NYICC - NYICC is one of Zalman Silber’s many successful online properties. Whether it’s something simple like an ad/marketing campaign or a complete business or identity overhaul, NYICC will work with clients to establish solutions that work for today and, more importantly, tomorrow.