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American Heritage Holdings

American Heritage Holdings, LLC is one of Zalman’s business properties currently operating to maximum capacity. The firm is in the business of managing money for a large group of institutional clients, along with high net-worth individuals who specialize in unique, highly segmented financial instruments insurance and reinsurance. It also specializes in acquiring bankrupt companies and turning them into profit-making entities.

One of the most critical elements of the company’s process is the emphasis on the team approach. All decisions - from asset allocation to stock selection - are made by committee.

To avoid succumbing to the emotional swings of fear and greed that affect the behavior of any individual who makes investment decisions alone, American Heritage Holdings relies on a team of individuals to implement their proprietary process. Unlike a "star" manager system, American Heritage Holdings’ clients benefit from a time-tested model run by a team of professionals with a goal to help you protect your assets on the downside while achieving better than market returns on the upside.

In addition to managing funds for institutional clients, American Heritage Holdings offers tailored investment management services to private clients.

American Heritage Holdings offers a variety of investment offerings:

• Cash Management
• Total Return Fixed Income Asset Management
• Insurance Asset Management
• Liability Driven Investing (LDI)
• Stable Value Asset Management

American Heritage Holdings has experienced solid growth and expansion since it was founded in 2004.