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The Edge

The Edge is another attraction created by Zalman Silbers’ Skyline Multimedia Entertainment that is found within the very upper reaches of the Eureka Tower. Structurally and visually, it is a glass cube that projects three meters out from the building, leaving all occupants suspended almost 300 meters above the ground.

The Eureka Tower website proclaimed the following in anticipation of The Edge’s grand opening.

“When the Skydeck observation deck at Eureka Tower opens in Melbourne's Southgate precinct on May 15, visitors will be able to catch a lift that propels them at breathtaking speed to Level 88 and take in the 360-degree views of Melbourne and surrounds from the highest public vantage point in Australia.

But there's an even bigger thrill waiting at the top of Eureka, one that will truly take you to The Edge.

Tourists will be shepherded into an opaque box that's cantilevered 90 degrees from the Skydeck observation level.

The frosted glass will then suddenly turn clear, creating the impression you're suspended in mid air. It's a truly thrilling experience.”

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