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NYICC serves as a full-service business development,
marketing, and branding consultancy and agency.

NYICC is one of Zalman Silber’s many successful online properties. Whether it’s something simple like an ad/marketing campaign or a complete business or identity overhaul, NYICC will work with clients to establish solutions that work for today and, more importantly, tomorrow. The company is able to work with new and established businesses on everything from creating a face to establishing proper internal and/or external operations.

As turnaround specialists, we can work with you to expand your sales, create promotions, or come up with new and effective marketing solutions to stimulate and motivate brand awareness and sales, or to enter into new channels or direct distribution. We can also, should you require it, help you during key transition times, whether you are changing locations, rationalizing inventory, shuffling internal staff, or implementing new processes.

Our team of specialists runs the gamut of successful business development areas, including:
• Business Development?
• Sales and Sales Management?
• Effective Promotional Development?
• Market Planning and Creation?
• New Product Development?
• Company Identity and Branding?
• All Media Content Development?
• Web Development

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