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Formerly known as SkyTour, this popular attraction resides at the very top of Australia’s famed Sydney and Eureka Towers. Zalman Silber created this attraction to be the largest simulated ride in the Southern Hemisphere.

On the Sydney Tower website can be found the following description for OzTrek:

The largest simulated ride in the southern hemisphere and the only one of its kind in Australia. OzTrek takes you on an amazing virtual adventure across Australia’s cultural history and geography, where diverse Australian landscapes are brought to life with a unique integration of 3D holographic technology, animated models and scenic art.

Start your OzTrek journey soaring like a sea eagle above Sydney’s icons, gliding effortlessly over the Bridge, Opera House and the warm sands of Bondi beach; feel the exhilaration of white water rafting down a tropical Queensland river; take a mark on the field at a game of Aussie Rules Football; muster wild buffalos by helicopter in the Outback and get right into the jaws of a huge saltwater crocodile!

Your OzTrek journey excites the senses with its 180-degree cinema screens, special effects with sensational surround sound and heart-stopping real-motion seating! This ensures your virtual Australian tour is a fun addition to your Sydney visit and it should not be missed.

Visit the Sydney Tower OzTrek page.