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Skyline Multimedia Entertainment, Inc. (New York and Australia)

New York was the birthplace of Zalman Silber’s very successful corporation, Skyline Multimedia Entertainment, Inc., (Pink Sheets / Public OTC:SKYL) the company behind a wide range of successful virtual tour attractions.

Skyline Multimedia is a holding company engaged in the development and operation of "next generation" entertainment facilities. New York Skyline Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, owns and operates the "New York SkyRide," a multi-million dollar flight simulator attraction located in The Empire State Building. Click here for more information on New York SkyRide.

The company's second property is Skyline Virtual Reality Inc., which owns and operates "XS New York," a 22,000-square-foot entertainment center and corporate party facility in Times Square that houses a laser tag battle field. Click here for more information on XS New York.

Skyline Multimedia then took its business overseas, with several successful attractions created for two of Australia’s tallest structures, the Sydney Tower and the Eureka Tower. Two attractions, SkyWalk and The Edge, were constructed within the Sydney Tower, while two others, SkyWalk and OzTrek, were developed within the Eureka Tower. Click on the links provided formore information on these attractions: Skywalk, The Edge, Oztrek.

Click here to read some company specifics.

Skyline Multimedia Entertainment to Open Virtual Reality Center in Chicago: Third Site and First Outside New York City for Skyline