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New York SkyRide

It’s always amazing what a little bit of foresight and a lot of ingenuity can net. In the case of New York SkyRide, Zalman Silber found a perfect, fast customer turnover enterprise. New York SkyRide quickly capitalized on state of the art technology and the convenient location within the historic Empire State Building (and its accompanying stature as a very popular tourist attraction), while offering a virtual tour unlike anything else city visitors had possibly seen.

About New York SkyRide
One of the premiere New York City attractions, New York SkyRide is conveniently located right inside the famed Empire State Building and is a “must see” for any itinerary. The original and only virtual tour simulator in the city, New York SkyRide takes you on an aerial New York City tour by ‘lifting off’ from atop the Empire State Building Observatory - while never leaving the second floor of the building.

Through the magic of flight simulation, guests “fly over” over 30 famous New York sights for without ever leaving the second floor of the ESB. The complete New York SkyRide experience runs for one half hour and includes 2 pre-shows called “I am New York”, a perspective of the history of the Empire State Building and “Top 10 Things to do in New York”, a presentation on all that New York has to offer visitors.

This New York SkyRide attraction was in place in the Empire State Building from 1992 to 1998. For more information about New York SkyRide, please read on below.

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