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SkyWalk is Sydney’s highest open air attraction.

Skywalk is a unique high-altitude adventure on top of Sydney Tower. At 260 meters above Sydney, experience an exhilarating outdoor walk on the roof of the city. Skywalk is a 45-minute adventure, running approximately every 45 minutes- no bookings required.

Dressed in protective clothing and safety-harnessed to external walkways, Skywalkers experience a buzz unmatched by any other Sydney attraction, at double the height of Sydney Harbor Bridge and the same height as the Eiffel Tower. Step out onto the clouds as you venture across the glass-floored viewing platform for unique 360-degree views over glittering Sydney and beyond.

Expert Skyguides accompany you on your journey, providing colorful commentary. From the city’s famous golden beaches to the distant Blue Mountains, push your willpower to the edge as you face Sydney like never before: feel the high-altitude breeze, touch the clouds or simply hang out on the horizon.

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