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XS New York 

Back in the mid 1990’s, Zalman Silber’s wide-ranging media company, Skyline Multimedia Entertainment, Inc. created XS New York, considered to be “the world’s most comprehensive interactive Virtual game arena.

Soon after, toward the end of 1996, Zalman’s company (which supplied the interactive environment) entered into an agreement with another company (which supplied the actual games) that helped to elevate the industry's hottest interactive games to high-level, non-arcade environment for the first time.

XS New York features cutting-edge virtual reality machines, computer games and Internet access stations in a three-story, 20,000-square-foot heavily themed, fun-filled environment. This high-energy, interactive competition playground allows tourists and residents alike to explore and have fun in a variety of different "Cyber Worlds."

To quote Zalman directly, he said this about potential partnerships Every partnership we enter into is yet another component of our commitment to making XS New York the most technologically advanced, cutting-edge, family entertainment center in the world."

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Namco Cybertainment to Equip Skyline's XS New York, the World's Most Comprehensive Interactive Virtual Game Arena.