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Helping Others

In addition to his reputation as a highly successful, extremely passionate businessman, Zalman Silber applies the very same passion and drive to his interest and steady participation in and support for a variety of wonderful, non-profit organizations and other related worthy causes in need.

Rather than allow his success to go to his head, Zalman spends a great deal of time and finances supporting these causes both here and abroad. What follows below are merely a few of the many organizations and societies who are reaping the benefits of Zalman’s financial and moral support. To read up on any of these entities, simply click on any of the links that have been provided below.

Arachim - In 1979, a group of Israeli scientists and educators joined forces to form Arachim, an organization dedicated to renewing authentic Jewish values. In working with Arachim, Zalman Silber has continued to serve as a very staunch financial supporter and seminar sponsor for more than 15 years.

Chesed L’Avraham - Zalman Silber has also been a major supporter of and has been involved on an advisory basis with Chesed L’Avraham for more then ten years. His loyalty extends beyond merely him. In fact, Zalman’s family has been Chesed L’Avraham supporters too.

Meor Hatorah - Another of Zalman’s important philanthropic organizations is Meor Hatorah. With Zalman’s help, literally hundreds of families get a monthly stipend that helps them to get through the hard financial times.

Nachal Novea - Zalman Silber’s initial contact with Nachal Novea happened strictly by accident. Zalman played an integral role in saving the life of the Grand Rebbe Eliezer Kenig by quickly arranging to bring him to America - while simultaneously making all necessary, often complicated arrangements to facilitate a life-saving lung transplant. Against all medical odds, the Rebbe survived, and a lifelong friendship was born.

Shvilim - One of Zalman Silber’s favorite charities is Shvilim, an Israel-based organization that works with needy children. Shvilim was founded for children following a personal tragic occurrence that made us realize how difficult the life of a special child is - especially if the family's financial situation does not allow for the extra attention that is necessary to fill his needs.

Yeshiva Gedolah Zichron Moshe - Zalman Silber has been a huge financial supporter of the Yeshiva Gedolah Zichron Moshe for many years. The Yeshiva Gedolah Zichron Moshe, also known as Yeshiva of South Fallsburg, is a private Rabbinical college, or Yeshiva, located in a rural setting, in South Fallsburg, Sullivan County, New York.

Yeshiva Slabodka - Zalman is also a strong supporter of the Yeshiva Slabodka, and studied there for almost five years.

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