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Zalman Silber’s initial contact with Nachal Novea happened strictly by accident. Zalman played an integral role in saving the life of the Grand Rebbe Eliezer Kenig by quickly arranging to bring him to America - while simultaneously making all necessary, often complicated arrangements to facilitate a life-saving lung transplant. Against all medical odds, the Rebbe survived, and a lifelong friendship was born.

500 years ago... The Holy City of Tsfat was home to some of the greatest scholars, mystics and spiritual leaders in Jewish history. They revolutionized the world by fusing heaven and earth together, merging the hidden and revealed aspects of the Torah. Anger was considered a crime. Despite its diverse population, harmony prevailed in Tsfat since all shared the same commitment to Torah and spiritual growth.

40 years ago... After several devastating earthquakes, Tsfat was known more for her abandoned buildings than anything else. Tsfat was in ruins, both physically and spiritually. What was left of the holy buildings in the Old City were empty and the Shechina - who according to the mystic teachings made her home in Tsfat since the destruction of the Holy Temple - longed to hear the sweet words of Torah being learned in her midst.

Who could rebuild Tsfat and restore her to her previous spiritual grandeur? Everyone said it was impossible. Everyone, that is, but one man with incredible vision. A vision that was passed down from Rebbe Nachman himself. When Rav Gedaliah Kenig received the directive from his teacher, Rav Avraham Sternharz, he took on this mission with his body, heart and soul. He dedicated his life to rebuilding Tsfat, and he left this world for her behalf as well. Before he passed away, Rav Gedaliah passed this mission on to three of his sons, HaRav Elazar Mordechai, Rav Ephraim & Reb Yitchak Kenig.

While at the time it seemed an arduous task, the Kenig brothers and a handful of Rav Gedaliah's students accepted upon themselves the impossible.

Today… After years of difficult work, the vision of Rav Gedaliah has become a reality. Tsfat is a vibrant Torah community. The Breslev Synagogue is filled with visitors every Shabbat. The Kollel supports over 130 full time students. The waiting list for the Talmud Torah is growing every year. The beautiful, modern mikveh is open and functioning. The nursery holds over 70 babies and toddlers. Every year the community grows larger and every year, her influence is felt more and more in Tsfat, the Galilee, and throughout the whole world.

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