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One of Zalman Silber’s favorite charities is Shvilim, an Israel-based organization that works with needy children.

Shvilim was founded for children following a personal tragic occurrence that made us realize how difficult the life of a special child is - especially if the family's financial situation does not allow for the extra attention that is necessary to fill his needs. Shvilim has taken upon itself the difficult mission of meeting the challenges of filling in what is missing in the treatment of children suffering - whether from simple emotional problems or severe autism.

Shvilim focuses, on the one hand on the congenital problems themselves and on the problems that were created from them, because the children were placed in settings that did not meet their special needs - and on the other hand, on the raising the awareness of the public at large in identifying seemingly "small" problems that are likely to develop into more serious ones for which no suitable solution may consequently be found.

Shvilim integrates children with normative behavior together with those who suffer from emotional problems on various levels. The activities are carried out in several planes of enjoyable occupation, bestowing the special child with suitable tools for integrating efficiently and beneficially within society.

For additional information or to make a much-needed donation to this most worthy charity,
please visit the Shvilim site.