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Zalman Silber Biography

Zalman Silber uniquely brings together the two dynamically opposed environments of big business and “giving back.”

Zalman Silber has had tremendous success in two seemingly opposite worlds, namely, those of business/high finance and human interest/philanthropy. A deeply religious man with a knack for successful business ventures, Zalman refuses to rest on his laurels and is always seeking to expand his coverage area within both worlds.

Zalman has already amassed quite an impressive record of accomplishments and credentials as an entrepreneur with his ear to the ground in terms of business opportunity. Equally impressive is his dedication to a variety of causes, all seeking to improve the lives of those less fortunate yet equally deserving of better lives. Many kind words have been spoken concerning his influence in the Jewish Education arena.

A true irony exists, as Zalman has both founded several highly successful technology firms and a variety of attraction-based ventures, while remaining fully active in his strong philanthropic focus and intense drive to continue learning about the deep roots of his Jewish faith.

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