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During his relatively short but amazingly successful career as a businessman and entrepreneur, Zalman Silber’s businesses have garnered a variety of press clippings. What follows is a sampling of some of these “in the press” items.

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Many kind words have been spoken concerning Zalman's influence in the Jewish Education arena.

Read some company specifics on Zalman's ventures.

About New York Skyride

International Commerce Exchange Systems, Inc. (ICES), Leading Internet Ventures and Technology Holding Company, Appoints Larry Nusbaum Managing Director.

International Commerce Exchange To Promote New Commercial Partners Via PR Newswire

How To Get Your First Great Idea

Skyline Multimedia Entertainment to Open Virtual Reality Center in Chicago: Third Site and First Outside New York City for Skyline

Commercial Property/The McGovern Family; This Time, Father and Son Get to Build on the Name

Namco Cybertainment to Equip Skyline's XS New York, the World's Most Comprehensive Interactive Virtual Game Arena.

Reception At Young Israel Of Queens Valley For Chesed L’Avraham, April 1