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International Commerce Exchange Systems, Inc. (ICES), Leading Internet Ventures and Technology Holding Company, Appoints Larry Nusbaum Managing Director

NEW YORK, Sept. 26 /PRNewswire/

Silicon-Alley based Internet ventures and technology holding company ICES Inc. has appointed Larry Nusbaum Corporate Managing Director, effective August 1, 2000.

Reporting to Chairman and Founder Henry Kauftheil, Nusbaum joins ICES from Media Brands, LLC, of New York, which he founded in 1997. He has a proven track record for starting, building and managing public and private high-growth online and offline media, technology and consumer branding companies. As CEO of Media Brands, he was responsible for all corporate direction and activities, and grew the innovative technology "clicks and mortar" direct marketing company to over $20 million in revenues. Prior to creating this venture, Nusbaum was President of Emson, a privately-held New York-based $100 million multi-media import/export company, where he sourced and built brands, and manufactured and distributed innovative, patented product lines to traditional retail chains and online e-commerce vendors.

Nusbaum has also run a public $150 million global multi-media and database corporation, Regal Communications (RCOM), of Pennsylvania, which purchased his publicly traded OTC consumer products company, Advantage Life Products (ADVT), of Laguna, California.

In his new position, Nusbaum is charged with overseeing the development of multiple e-companies within ICES, in the technology, e-commerce, media infrastructure and B-2-B exchange categories, including ICES' innovative on-line direct marketing company, itract; its unique commerce exchange, eMarketplaces; global sourcing and trading company, InterCommerce Trading; and CarePortal, its eHealthCare flagship.

"I believe in a grounded approach using the Internet as a channel of distribution, marrying the best of the old economy, including revenues and profits, with new economy technology to create the best of both worlds. "The challenge is to combine ICES' proprietary online technology with strong management to leverage and maximize ICES' unique business models. We are looking to create synergies between our respective portfolio companies to maximize profitability and valuation," asserted Mr. Nusbaum.

According to Henry Kauftheil, "Larry will be utilizing his experience in launching, scaling and managing profitable public and private companies to add value to ICES' portfolio companies in our eMarketplaces, Technology Services, and InterCommerce divisions."